Fountain of Sorrow

Dr. Mark Yount
“Fountain of Sorrow”

About the sermon:
My life doesn’t seem to follow Buddhism’s first noble truth, that life is suffering. Yet even amidst my more abundant joys, even when I’m not suffering, there’s a sorrow that springs up in my life “like a fountain from a pool.” Does that spring from my own psychic depths?  From compassion born of our interdependent being?  Is it the pain of an illusory self?  Jackson Browne’s lyric calls me to delve once more into the Bodhisattva path.

About our speaker:
Since joining BBUUC in 1997, Dr. Mark Yount has given over 100 sermons, chaired several committees, served on the Board as Vice President, and served throughout most of his years here as Youth Adviser, one of his great passions. Mark has a Ph.D. in Philosophy and taught college philosophy courses for many years. He works with Mental Health America of NE FL, helping homeless/at-risk people apply for disability benefits. He is writing a book entitled “Wisdom on the Way: Philosophy, Psychology, and Spirituality for the Next Generation.”

About our Musician:
Lynn Wadley loves music, especially folk music. Well known in the folk community, she sings and plays many instruments (especially dulcimers) and often performs in hospitals, senior centers, and conventions. As the new BBUUC Special Music Coordinator, she works with Worship Assistants to increase live music in our Sunday Services.

Lynn also organizes Song Circles and Coffee House events to encourage BBUUC members to support, develop and share the gifts of our own musicians and poets.