Manny Andrade


Worship Leader: Alyssa Halliday
Accompanist: Eileen Morrison
Special Music by Job Meiller

Our emotional wounds, our unresolved anger and our sense of loss may often trap and continue hurt us. Unless we acknowledge and process those feelings, we will never be free. The key to that freedom is forgiveness. I draw from various spiritual traditions to point to possible paths to help free ourselves.

About our Speaker:

Manuel (Manny) Andrade, is a proud Peruvian-American, born in Lima, Peru and raised in NYC. He attended Hunter College. He is a life professed Franciscan Friar. He attended Sanctus Theological Seminary and since 2002 holds a degree in Sacred Theology. He received Deaconal Orders in 2000 and was ordained a Priest in 2003 in the American Catholic Church. He entered the Monastery of Our Lady of Maine in 2001, on the grounds of the Episcopal Cathedral Church of St Luke in Portland as a friar of the Anglican Order of Jonathan Daniels for 2 years.  He has been a Social Worker serving communities living with HIV in NY, VA, ME and FL since 1989.  He married Rusty Turner in 2016 and share their home with their beloved mutt Roxy.

About our musician:

Job Meiller serves on the BBUUC Board as a Trustee and is the father of three dear daughters, Emmy, Izzy and Olivia. He has loved the guitar for many years.  It’s usually in the car, tuned up and ready to play.  He is often found livening up parties or local cafes with his rich baritone voice, interesting repertoire and guitar chords. And Job is always ready to help out with a song!

Pennies from Heaven is September 1st

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