Energetic Awakening

About our Service:

Every one of us contains the essence of peace, beauty, and health. This essence is found in the energies that pattern our bodies and form our minds. What we do with these energies determines the course of our lives, the quality of our relationships, and the condition of our bodies. Every thought you think creates a pattern and every pattern has an effect. You create your world each moment of the day through your perception. The world you create is an extension of your perception of yourself. To know your Self is to recognize yourself in everything.

About our Speaker:

Rev. Beebe is a spiritual counselor and author of “Energetic Awakening,” a book addressing the energy body, its interaction with the physical world and how thought-forms affect your reality. He is a graduate from Kalamazoo College and received his reverend credentials from New Horizon Church. He has been both a teacher and a middle school principal.

Worship Leader:  Vanessa Birchell

Accompanist:  Gary Smart