Emergency Confetti

Donna Zimmerman, BBUUC Chaplain, presents
“Emergency Confetti”
With Kris Kines as Worship Leader
Sydney Crisp, Accompanist 
Special Music by First Coast Flute Choir
Children look at the world with wonder and amazement. Too often as adults our focus gradually changes. How can our lives be different if we re-learn the magic of the ordinary?

About Our Speaker:

Donna is a long-time resident of Jacksonville who had a ‘timeout” for a mere 18 years in Dallas where she found the UU church there.  Her background is in social services, and she was the Executive Director of Lutheran Social Services of NE Florida where she started several programs including the first HIV/AIDS services in the region provided by a professional organization.   She is retired and spends her time on the Worship Committee and as a Chaplain on the Pastoral Care Team.

About Our Guest Musicians:

First Coast Flute Choir members have been making sweet music together since 2014. All volunteers, with various backgrounds, players are linked by their love of the flute. The choir utilizes all members of the flute family: piccolo, C flute, Alto flute in G, Bass flute, and even Contrabass flute. Their music represents many different styles, cultural heritages, and historical periods. FCFC regularly performs at the Florida Flute Convention in Orlando, Christmas at the Cathedral District, Riverside Arts Market, libraries, and at area churches, as part of their services and for special event concerts.