Eleven Secret Herbs and Spices

Donna Zimmerman, BBUUC Chaplain, presents
“Eleven Secret Herbs and Spices”
Beth Curtis, Worship Leader
Sydney Crisp, Accompanist
Pete Jorgensen (Piano), Special Music

It’s human nature to see things through the lens of our own experiences, knowledge, biases, understandings, and even our emotional state in any given moment. How can that separate us from others in big and small ways . . . what can we do differently to get out of those narrow lanes; be more empathetic; and live our Principles? If we do, what rewards can we all reap?

About our speaker:

Donna Zimmerman is a long-time resident of Jacksonville who had a ‘timeout” for a mere 18 years in Dallas where she found the UU church there.  Her background is in social services, and she was the Executive Director of Lutheran Social Services of NE Florida where she started several programs including the first HIV/AIDS services in the region provided by a professional organization.   She is retired and spends her time on the Worship Committee and as a Chaplain on the Pastoral Care Team.

About our musician:

Pete Jorgensen’s best friend is the piano.  He started playing at age five and later played in bands for 30 years while practicing law professionally. Now that he is retired, he spends countless hours at the piano (Just ask his wife, Cindi Jorgensen), and occasionally plays at a local restaurant.