Dr. Jenny Stuber : “Enjoying your Sliver of the Pie? Economic Inequality in the 21st Century”


Economic inequality has been growing in the United States since the early 1970s. UNF Professor of Sociology Jenny Stuber uses a series of analogies and illustrations to describe current levels of wealth inequality in the U.S., and to explain how this inequality has come about. Her message will also focus on why how growing wealth inequality divides society, but also how it is a phenomenon in which everyone is implicated and impacted. She hopes that her talk will inspire conversations among members of the BBUUC about how they can make social change at both the individual and societal level.

About our Speaker:

Jenny Stuber is an Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of North Florida. After growing up in Minnesota, she went on to receive a PhD in Sociology from Indiana University, and earlier degrees in sociology from Northwestern University and Brown University. Motivated by her own feelings of social class dislocation and college, she has built a career exploring social class inequality, the factors that drive it, and the ways in which people understand, enact, and use social class in their everyday lives. Her book, Inside the College Gates: How Class and Culture Matter in Higher Education, investigates the how social class shapes the paths that students take through college. Her research appears in numerous academic journals, and is also increasingly assigned in college classes across the through her new textbook, Exploring Inequality: A Sociological Approach.

Worship Leader: Jennifer Stokes
Accompanied By: Gary Smart