Change Your Story, and Change Your Life

Linda Crawford
“Change Your Story, and Change Your Life”
Worship Leader: Jennifer Stokes
Accompanist: Dr. Gary Smart
Guest Musician: Anne McKennon

As we go through life, we all build up a narrative about who we are, and our relationship to others. Our stories can be constructive, or they can be destructive. They can lead us to own responsibility for how we live, or to see ourselves as passive victims. Linda will discuss the ways in which we can view our story more objectively and make it helpful and empowering.

About our Speaker:

Linda Crawford and her husband Dale have been grateful members of this church for ten years. Linda thanks her church friends for helping her to build up a more and more positive view of the world. 






About our Guest Musician:

Anne McKennon is a freelance flutist, teacher, and composer in Jacksonville. She can be found playing anything from orchestral music to rock-n-roll and Irish jigs, tin whistle included. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Composition from Jacksonville University where she is an alumni member of the orchestra. Her teachers include Dr. Jian-Jun He (composition), Les Roettges (flute), and Mary Ellen Potter (flute). Most of Ms. McKennon’s compositions are focused on chamber music, with a special affinity for duets. More information can be found at