Building the World We Dream About

August 14:Multigen pic

General Assembly takes form in a barrage of emotions- exhausting, invigorating, frustrating, satisfying, inspiring. One item that is perhaps more important than the whirlwind of emotions is that General Assembly is an educational experience. The education that one receives at General Assembly is life-altering and possesses so much power that there lies the ability to spark a movement of change.

We have the ability to feed this spark, so that it becomes a mighty flame of action. We must also come to terms that we have the ability to smother that same mighty flame with empty words, tolerance, and lackluster commitments.

Join us as we share the spark ignited within us, during General Assembly 2016, in hope that all Unitarian Universalists can wake up and work to build that world that we have dreamed about.

Multigenerational Service:

Led by BBUUC DRE – Dani Slader, and BBUUC LRE Co-Chair – Vanessa Birchell.

Accompanist:  Sydney Crisp