Building Beloved Community

About our Speaker:
Reverend Elizabeth Teal is an ordained interfaith minister, an animal behavior specialist and an artist. She is honored to be present in spiritual counseling, chaplaincy and in creating ceremonies and celebrations for one and all.

She deeply believes in our healing connections with each other and other species. She actively tours as a speaker and storyteller, as well as appearing on local and national television and radio discussing pets, pet-related issues and our human bonds with them.

She has taken the vows and is a member of The Community of the Mystic Heart. Her ordination is from and held by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. She is a third-generation Unitarian Universalist. Reverend Teal believes in the inherent worth and dignity of everyone, knowing that the Light of Love shines into every heart thru many windows.

About our Service:
… how we learn to belong.

Worship Leader: Jennifer Stokes
Accompanist: Marilyn Smart