BBUUC’s Annual Easter Sunday Family Worship Service and Flower Communion


(Easter Egg Hunt and Covered Dish Dinner to follow the service)

Our Family Easter celebration will include the traditional Flower Communion. Please bring a flower stem for yourself and each family member. It can be a favorite flower from your yard, your garden, or any other source. This tradition is unique to Unitarian Universalism and is a celebration of the liberal religious tradition. We will use flowers as the elements of communion to celebrate the beauty of nature and the sacredness of this community.
Our service will also include a Child Dedication Ceremony, for the community to bless the children of those participating families, and celebrate the blessing of these gifts of life.
After the service, there will be an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids on the grounds, followed by a covered dish luncheon in the sanctuary. Kids,bring your Easter baskets for the festivities. Adults, bring your favorite dish to share. (See the Sign-up sheet at Church.) Easter Bonnets are optional.

About the Flower Communion: The Flower Communion, sometimes referred to as the Flower Ceremony or Flower Festival, is an annu­al ritual that celebrates beauty, human uniqueness, diversity, and community. Created in 1923 by Unitarian minister Norbert Capek of Prague, Czechoslovakia, the Flow­er Ceremony was introduced to the United States by Rev. Maya Capek, Norbert’s widow. In this ceremony, everyone in the congregation brings a flower. Each person places a flower on the altar or in a shared vase. The congregation blesses the flowers, and they are redistributed. Each person brings home a different flower than the one they brought.


Worship Leaders: Chris Jarman, Director of Religious Education, and Jennifer Stokes
Accompanist: Gary Smart
Music by the BBUUC Easter Choir, led by Marilyn Smart