The Art of War and the Trouble with Combat Metaphors

November 13, 2016prof-sarah-mattice-iii

In this talk, Prof. Mattice will draw on material from the ancient Chinese classic, Sunzi’s Art of War, and contemporary work on metaphor, to think through the problems associated with viewing argument and disagreement through combative metaphors.

About our Speaker:

Sarah Mattice is an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies. Her specializations are in Comparative Philosophy and Aesthetics. At UNF she often teaches courses such as Chinese Philosophy, Japanese Philosophy, Buddhism, Aesthetics, and Ethics East and West. Her research involves the role of metaphor in metaphilosophy, questions concerning Gadamerian hermeneutics and the Zhuangzi, and Confucian ethics.

Worship Leader:  Ron Rothberg  |  Accompanist:  Marilyn Smart