A Wander into Unitarian Universalism

Kris Kines presents
“A Wander into Unitarian Universalism”
Donna Zimmerman, Worship Leader
Eileen Morrison, Accompanist
Job Meiller, Guitar and Vocals, Special Music
Kris explores her journey to Unitarian Universalism, sharing experiences; acknowledging a spiritual awakening as an Agnostic UU. 

About Our Speaker:

Kris Kines has been a member of BBUUC for over 20 years. She’s served on the Board and the Council multiple times but her passion has always been with the Worship Committee. Usually seen at the pulpit as the Worship Leader, she is expanding her role to deliver Sermons written by UU ministers.

Special Music by BBUUC Member Job Meiller:

Job has been sharing his music with us for many years. He is a singer and songwriter; you can find his music in ‘all the places.’ His music comes from the fertile intersection of folk, blues & soul. His words are sincere, and the emotions run deep.