A Service of Celebrations and Dad Jokes





Worship and Lifespan Religious Education present
“A Service of Celebrations and Dad Jokes”
Beth Curtis, Alyssa Halliday, and Claudia Marshall, Worship Leaders
Dr. Gary Smart, Accompanist

The coming week is one of celebrations, beginning with Father’s Day on this day, followed by Juneteeth on June 19 and Summer Solstice on June 20. We also have four graduating BBUUC Youth who we will recognize in a Bridging Ceremony. This worship service will celebrate these coming events, including this day’s recognition of Father’s day with a homily on Dad Jokes written by Rev. Nell Newton, presented by Alyssa Halliday. Join us for a special worship offering!

About the Author of Our Homily
Rev. Nell Newton received her Master of Divinity from Meadville Lombard Theological School and her B.S. and M.A from the University of Texas at Austin. Previously she served as the minister of the Amarillo UU Fellowship from 2017 to 2021. A lifelong UU, Rev. Nell delights in the mystery and beauty of this world. She counts martial arts and sweeping her porch as her spiritual practices. She is married to Monty Newton and they have two adult children as well as a mess of cats, a flock of chickens, and one sweet dog.