Our 4th UU Principle

About our Service

Our fourth principle calls for “a free and responsible search for truth and meaning.” So what does the principal actually mean? How free can we be? How responsible should we be? What is the nature of a search: will we find a definitive answer at the end of our life? And what do the words truth and meaning signify? Is there one underlying truth, and one cosmic meaning for all of humanity? Linda will explore these difficult questions as part of her ongoing series on our seven principles.

Linda Crawford:

Linda and her husband Dale have been enthusiastic and active members of BBUUC for nine years now. This church has provided a home for her, a circle of friendship, and a refuge from a sometimes incomprehensible society. In the last few years, she has probed ever more deeply into Unitarian Universalist values; our greatest, in her mind, is compassion.

Worship Leader: Vanessa Birchell

Accompanist: Gary Smart