Sept 28: 9:15am Water, Earth and Us

What: Water, Earth and Us is part of the UU curriculum, Gather the Spirit. It is a multigenerational tapestry of faith program, integrating ideas from Richard Kimball and Christine Rafal.
This program teaches stewardship with a focus on water. It explores water and helps us build relationships with one another.
Water is a compelling focus for our stewardship as all life on earth requires clean, drinkable water. Through scientific and religious lenses, and using activities a wide range of ages can do together, this program addresses the importance of water, the inequity of access to clean water, and actions we can take as Unitarian Universalist stewards.
Water, Earth and Us asks: Can water sources be owned? Why is clean water scarce in parts of the world? If clean water is abundant where I live, what difference does it make if I conserve it? What can I do to promote global water equity?
When: We’ll meet Sundays only from: 9:15AM till 10:15AM, from Sept. 14 through Nov.4. Coffee Conversation people are also invited to this event, as water takes over as a focus of conversation for these weeks. Meeting on Sunday morning allows us to enjoy this event and the Sunday Service with only one car trip!
Where: Buckman Bridge Unitarian Universalist Church , 8447 Manresa Ave., Jacksonville, FL. The space used will depend on the number of people who sign up; we’ll post signs on doors.
Why: Maybe you love workshops, new ideas, or people. Maybe you want to refresh how water has been regarded as part of a sacred life process and how you regard it. Maybe you’ll refresh the challenge of a new synthesis of science and religion in our times. Maybe you’re an extrovert and go to new stuff. Maybe you’re an introvert and want to watch and participate quietly because it’s important to you. Maybe you’re feeling the call to be with more of the ages on a doing something meaningful and fun together basis.
We can get to know each other better and we can change the world together beginning right here at BBUUC. One idea at a time. Just know you are invited and very, very welcome to join this adventure. Your thoughts and actions are important and this is one more chance to share them as well as hear thoughts of others and take actions with them. Bring water music if you have some. Bring your artist expertise to help us draw a river. Bring your spirit of joining in on activities most ages can enjoy. Bring your hugs. Bring yourself as you are. Bring your helpfulness in making everyone feel welcome.