President’s Report June 2023

It is hard to believe that we are coming to the end of another year in the BBUUC calendar. It has been an exciting year. I am especially pleased with the number of existing members that have returned on a regular basis and with the number of new faces we see each week.

As we close out this year, I want to express my gratitude for the volunteers in church. I was reviewing a list of the committees and their members today and it is truly amazing how many of you volunteer your time in a variety of ways. I want to extend my thanks to the Board for their work this year, which started with planning retreat that set the stage for all that we accomplished (or at least started). I especially want to thank the Board members that will be stepping down for next year: David Christenson, Pam Richards, Henry Seng, and Claudia Marshall. The good news is that they will be focused on other areas of interest in the church and we will be all the stronger for it.

I have received a good deal of feedback on our Annual Meeting held on May 21st. The general consensus is that it went well even though we had several complex issues to take into consideration. I appreciate all of you who participated in person and/or by proxy. The democratic process is alive and well at BBUUC.

Lastly, I am looking forward to seeing what the new year will bring. Worship services, RE programs, social events, and our continued search for justice in our community are all part of our expectations. If you have any ideas you want to share with the Board or the Council, don’t hesitate to let me know. 

See you on Sunday. Peace and Love!