President’s Perspective: July 2019

Down to Business

BBUUC has had a very interesting few weeks since my term began.    After hosting the Storybook prom, our congregation received national attention in a Washington Post article, followed by many lovely kudos from all over the world.  Some folks have even sent us donations.  I hope you feel as good as I do, to be part of a congregation that has moved so many people.

Now, down to business.   I want everyone to be aware that we’ve had some resignations from key leadership positions post the Annual Meeting in May.   A trustee resigned, followed by a member from the Leadership development team; then, due to personal reasons, the Vice President resigned.

Subsequent to the election: the remaining Board members endorsed Job Meilers’s position as a 1 year trustee Anabelle Gallois-Bernos as the 2 year trustee, and whomever is appointed to the third trustee position will fill the one year remaining in a 2 year term.   Thereby, insuring the rotation design stated in the bylaws of the staggered election of trustees as 1- 2yr & 1 – 1year get elected every annual meeting.

And finally, members of the board appointed David Christenson to stay on for another year as VP.  We will continue to work with the Leadership Development team to fill the vacancies that remain.

Sometimes folks give the impression that they don’t want to get too involved in the workings of church.  Totally get it!  I’ve been there, I get the haven of being a loner, just getting your bearings, feeling taxed and just want to get someone else do it…

Nonetheless, let me ask you to meditate on this notion.  BBUUC is still a very young congregation, still malleable, yet with a solid design.

Now: Think of BBUUC as essentially a vehicle through which each of use our special gifts to serve in life.  Through our service it becomes the mode of opportunity to explore what each of us are capable of, as we choose how to serve, and how to stand on the side of love.

I’d like to muse that perhaps the opportunities that come our way is how the Principles manifest themselves in our lives…Just a thought!

There are still many committees that would welcome new faces with fresh ideas and more hands to lighten any load.  Participation is how we stay strong.

Big Thank You to all of the church’s leaders who give so much of themselves:  Worship Leaders, Accompanists, Council Chairs, Committee members, and the Board as well as all of the volunteers of this Lay Led community. Blessings.

Kris Kines
BBUUC President