President’s Perspective: July 2018

I am so excited and grateful that you elected me to be President of the Board for 2018-2019. To get ready for this job I have been reading and reviewing BBUUC documents and history such as by-laws, financial and church audits, the Articles of Incorporation, policies and procedures, governance flowchart, organization of committees and ministries, church statistics, financial statements, and our Gifts of Self data. I will continue to study and learn as the year progresses.

I plan to share some of my thoughts in The Journey each month about how we can continue to improve and move forward in our experiences and operations here at BBUUC.

Now at the beginning of our fiscal year is a good time to review how we share ourselves and support BBUUC. During the Stewardship Campaign we were given the opportunity to complete a Pledge Statement and a Gift of Self form. In this message, I want to share my ideas about Gifts of Self.

The BBUUC By-Law regarding Membership states that members agree to support the church through service as able. The Gift of Self form is what helps leaders know how each member is interested and able to support the church through service.

In the 2018 campaign, 40 Gift of Self forms were completed. In 2015, 67 Gifts Of Self forms were completed. For the effective use of this data, it needs to be current, accurate, and represent everybody.  Since our interests change over the years, what was appropriate for each of us a year or two ago may currently be out of date.

I would like to ask each of you to make sure we have a current Gifts Of Self form for you. We will leave blank forms on a table in the back of the room for a few weeks and also send a copy of the form to you by e-mail. Please fill one out so we will begin our fiscal year knowing exactly what your preference is for supporting BBUUC through service.

Any time over the year let our Board members know what we can do to help you and BBUUC.

Grace Repass,
Board President

Your Board Members are: Grace Repass, David Christenson, John Wrightington, Pam Richards, Christine Rothberg, Meghan Kaminski, and Eileen Morrison.