President’s Message: February 2023

As we get more fully into the second half of the Church’s fiscal year, I find it to be a more relaxed time after the hectic pace of the holiday season. I hope everyone is having a good beginning to your new year. There are a variety of things to look forward to as we move through the coming months. The staff and volunteers are working hard to make your experiences at BBUUC as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. We are planning social events, fundraising events, educational events for all ages, as well as continuing with our high-quality in-person Sunday services. Your Board and Council are always open to any suggestions or ideas you may have.

The business of the Church continues to keep the staff and many of the volunteers busy. We just completed a risk assessment of the Church buildings, grounds, policies and procedures conducted by our liability insurance carrier, Church Mutual. The results were very good with only a few good suggestions for us to follow up on, which we have completed by mid-March. 

We are making preparations for our annual Spring Stewardship Campaign and will announce a theme shortly. When we think about our ability to give back to the Church, it is important that we focus on funding for our thriving ministries and events, the maintenance of our facilities, continuing our tradition of compensating our Director of Lifespan Religious Education and our other staff according to UUA Fair compensation guidelines and providing support to community organizations that align with our values and can amplify our voices. We look to you to help BBUUC remain strong and vibrant.

Hope to see you at Sunday Services!

Side with Love!