President’s Message December 2022

By the time you read this hopefully you will have had your fill of turkey or other Thanksgiving delicacies. Most importantly I hope everyone had some time to reflect on those things you are most grateful for – family, friends, good times. I am especially happy with the way things are going at BBUUC. The LRE program is really ramped up and overall attendance at Sunday services seems to be getting back to pre-pandemic levels. We are especially excited about the number of new people coming in and spending time with us. I appreciate each of you for making them feel welcome.

This month is special times in many ways. It is important to remember, however, that we Unitarian Universalist are asked to “honor each day.” We should all look for those special moments in our day to reflect on, so we don’t miss the little things. There is an interesting experiment that illustrates this: If you take a jar of water and fill it with rocks it doesn’t quite displace all the water; if you take that same jar of water and fill it with small pebbles (the little things) it pushes out almost all the water. The little things are important in out lives, if we take time to see them and nurture them.

Have a very Happy Holiday Season and remember to: Side With Love!

Chuck Smithers