Parents of Preschoolers January 2021

This month’s Theme Family Stories, Sacred Stories

What is POP? 

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POP (Parents of Preschoolers) is a video-based, at-home curriculum grounded in Unitarian Universalism and designed for parents and caregivers of children ages 2-5. By engaging with POP videos, parents and caregivers learn to understand their child’s spiritual development, to build rituals that support this development, and to see themselves as spiritual teachers. 

This Month’s Theme: At the Table

If you’ve spent any time eating with young children, you know how complicated meals can be. Messy, chaotic, stressful…and will any food actually get consumed?? 

As adults, we know it’s our job to provide our kids with the healthiest, most nourishing food available…and we take that job seriously. But our preschoolers? …not so much. They fling their peas instead of eating them. They insist that the breakfast they loved yesterday is now “ascusting.” 


At POP, we believe that for preschoolers, meals aren’t really about food at all. Instead, meals are rituals through which our kids seek experiences of wholeness, wisdom, and welcome. 

As we’ll see, these spiritual themes show up again and again in a variety of ways whenever we gather around the table, influencing everything from how our preschoolers act to what they say, to who they ask us to welcome as guests. 

In past sessions of this curriculum, we’ve learned how to think like spiritual teachers. In this month’s videos, we’ll flip the script and learn how to think like our preschoolers, seeing how the things that matter to them can help our families think differently about what a meal is for.

As always, feel free to engage with the prompts and worksheets whenever and however you’d like. At the close of the month we’ll meet live on Zoom to talk about what we’ve learned and discovered. Can’t wait to see you then! 

Feel free to engage with the prompts whenever and however you’d like. On January 31st at 8:00 pm, we’ll meet live on Zoom to talk about what we’ve learned and discovered. Can’t wait to see you then!

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