Parents of Preschoolers December 2020

Parents of Preschoolers

This month’s Theme Family Stories, Sacred Stories

What is POP? 

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POP (Parents of Preschoolers) is a video-based, at-home curriculum grounded in Unitarian Universalism and designed for parents and caregivers of children ages 2-5. By engaging with POP videos, parents and caregivers learn to understand their child’s spiritual development, to build rituals that support this development, and to see themselves as spiritual teachers. 

Family Stories, Sacred Stories

Can conversation be a spiritual practice? At POP, we think so. We believe that when families talk together, we’re doing much more than just chatting — we’re encouraging each other to practice the holy skills of listening, remembering and reflecting together. 

Over time, these skills will allow us to share more deeply and bond more securely. 

When we think of family stories, we often imagine those that get passed down over a long time. These stories DO have tremendous value, especially as our children grow. 

But when it comes to our youngest kids, some of the best family stories are the ones THEY help us tell. For preschoolers, storytelling is yet another chance to do together: to join us in the connecting practices of reminiscing and meaning-making. 

This month’s videos will offer your family three different ways to engage in the practice of storytelling together: a practice of deep listening, a practice of remembering the past together, and a practice of reflecting on the present day. These practices are entirely optional: use them if you think they’d be helpful to you or save them for later if they’re not a good fit for your life right now! 

As always, feel free to engage with the prompts and worksheets whenever and however you’d like. At the close of the month we’ll meet live on Zoom to talk about what we’ve learned and discovered. Can’t wait to see you then! 

Feel free to engage with the prompts whenever and however you’d like. On December 27th at 8:00 pm, we’ll meet live on Zoom to talk about what we’ve learned and discovered. Can’t wait to see you then!

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