Oct 11: 7pm National Coming Out Day Movie Night

BBUUC Celebrates National Coming Out Day

On Saturday, October 11 at 7pm, Welcoming Congregation Ministry (WCM), is sponsoring a movie night to celebrate National Coming Out Day. The film will be For the Bible Tells Me So by Daniel Karslake.
Karslake’s 90 minute film explores religion and homosexuality. You may cry at the harm or shout for joy at the small steps of courage taken by many. You may celebrate the victories that have been accomplished and feel encouraged for the victories still to come.
Join the Buckman Bridge family in celebrating our Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual and Transgender relations and friends. Show your support and share the joy of those who came before, showing us the courage and strength to be who they were meant to be.
All are welcome; admission is free.