Recent Minister's Message

  • Minister’s Report June 2022

    I started writing this newsletter article on the morning of Tuesday May 24. At that time, I was feeling grief and anger over the racist mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, and the leaked draft Supreme Court decision overturning Roe V. Wade. I was thinking ... read more. Read more →

  • Ministers Report May 2022

    My heart is full with gratitude for my wonderful trip to Jacksonville last week. It was such a joy to meet so many of you in person! It was good to hug, to talk and laugh together. I feel that the in-person time we ... read more. Read more →

  • Minister’s Message April 2022

    Congratulations, BBUUC Community, on getting so much accomplished in February and March! I believe it is valuable to take time to celebrate, name and give thanks for all the good ministry happening in our community. This month I would like to lift up some ... read more. Read more →

  • Minister’s Message March 2022

    Our Unitarian Universalist principles describe the highest ideals that we wish to see flourish in the world. They describe a world to which we aspire, a world where:
    -The inherent worth and dignity of every person is affirmed and honored
    -Every person has the ability ... read more. Read more →

  • Minister’s Message February 2022

    This month our worship theme is “Widening the Circle.” Widening the circle of care, concern, and inclusion in our congregations requires us to consider who has historically been marginalized, or simply not present at all, in Unitarian Universalist congregations, and to proactively work to ... read more. Read more →