Minister’s Message December 2021

This month, like every month, I sat down in front of my computer and wondered how I can use the valuable space I have in this newsletter to share a message with you that will hopefully offer you some spiritual grounding for the weeks to come. Some months this is more challenging than others, and this month it is challenging. We are in such a bewildering time. We are emerging from the pandemic. There is much to celebrate. We are back to in person worship! We are able to gather safely with our family members and friends for the holidays! And yet this time is still so hard. We continue to grieve the losses of beloved members of the community Deborah McGovern and Pat Ray. Many of us are close to burn out, or already burned out. This continues to be a hard time for religious professionals, teachers, and parents of young children. I have heard many people say they have been knocked down by colds and other illnesses, have been working too hard, and are feeling generally exhausted. I myself have been feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. I am so grateful for this congregation for supporting me and extending care, grace and compassion to me as I sometimes struggle to keep up with ministry tasks while also caring for my eight year old son. I have joined the ranks of parents who have struggled to watch their child while facilitating a zoom meeting at the same time- always a challenge. I have experienced first hand your ability to care for those in your midst who are struggling. I encourage you to continue to extend grace and love to one another as we make our way forward through this difficult time.

As I was preparing to write my article this month, I looked back at what your UUA Southern Region staff had to say to congregational leaders in November. I found this outstanding message from Natalie Briscoe. She shared the words I needed to hear. I share this article with you in hopes that it might speak to your heart also.

“Dear Congregations”

I look forward to celebrating the winter holidays with you. I pray that our gatherings continue to be sources of sustaining love, deep joy and resilience. May you and yours be well. With Love,

Rev Amy

Reverend Amy Moses-Lagos
Buckman Bridge Unitarian Universalist Church, Jacksonville, FL
Based in Seattle, WA
Pronouns: she/ her/ hers