Minister’s Message April 2022

Congratulations, BBUUC Community, on getting so much accomplished in February and March! I believe it is valuable to take time to celebrate, name and give thanks for all the good ministry happening in our community. This month I would like to lift up some of the excellent ministry happening at BBUUC. I am so impressed with the dedication of all of you and your commitment to helping Unitarian Universalism thrive in our community and our world.

The Healthy Congregation Team hosted three meetings to gather members’ input for the creation of a new Congregational Covenant. Covenants are sacred promises about how we will be together and how we will co-create Unitarian Universalism. They are aspirational descriptions of how we want to be in the world. They help us to be more inclusive, kind and loving in our interactions. The Congregational Covenant will contain the guiding promises we make to one another as members of the community. This is a strange time, when we are re-learning how to be in person together in community. Our covenant can help remind us to be our best selves as we come together to worship, learn and make the world a better place.

Congratulations to all who helped make the Nehemiah Assembly a success! The Nehemiah Assembly is the time when ICARE members engage elected and public officials to make commitments around the solutions to the problems of the community. The Assembly is a wonderful opportunity to bend the arc of the universe towards justice and side with love.

Thank you so much to the Finance Committee, Board Members, everyone who returned a pledge card and everyone who helped with our Stewardship Campaign! Pledging enables us to fulfill our mission of creating and nourishing a loving community that seeks justice and respect for all. Pledging enables us to carry out the work of caring for one another, engaging in meaningful worship, faith development, and providing opportunities for service and social justice.

There is so much good ministry happening at BBUUC. The worship team is providing meaningful nurturing in-person services every Sunday. The Pastoral Care team is accompanying members experiencing grief and loss. Our DLRE Chris and the RE team are providing ongoing RE opportunities for children and adults. Committees and Ministries are meeting regularly and carrying on the work that makes this community possible. Thank you to all of you for everything you do.

Reverend Amy Moses-Lagos
Buckman Bridge Unitarian Universalist Church, Jacksonville, FL
Based in Seattle, WA
Pronouns: she/ her/ hers