Linda Crawford Book

What’s so special about Unitarian Universalism?

This faith has transformed the author’s understanding of herself and the world. In 20 stand-alone chapters, Linda answers questions like:

  • What does spiritual growth really mean? 
  • How do we make our lives meaningful?
  • What can I do with my liberal rage? 
  • How does our childhood effect our life choices? 
  • Do evil people exist?
  • Is Unitarian Universalism a real religion?
  • How does each principle apply to daily life?

We can all enhance the meaning of our lives. Becoming a Unitarian Universalist recounts one woman’s approach to that lifelong journey.

Linda Crawford was raised in an ethnically Jewish family that avoided organized religion. But after she and her husband Dale retired to Jacksonville, Florida, she felt isolated in the prevailing Bible Belt culture, and they joined Buckman Bridge Unitarian Universalist Church. 

What began as a need for companionship expanded into a realization that, even as an agnostic, Linda needed a spiritual dimension in her life.