Learn About Us June 2020


The events of this year have certainly put a damper on many of our lives.  We at BBUUC hope you are finding an avenue of spiritual relief.

Would you like to explore our faith and our church?  This can be done through our Learn About Us class.  I will offer Session 1 on June 27th and Session 2 on June 28th as a Zoom class.  Each will be at 10:00 AM and will last about 1 and a half to 2 hours.

I will send you links to most of the background material ahead of time, so the meeting will be more of a discussion than a class.

Session 1 is all about Unitarian Universalism in general:  our principals, our traditions, our history, and our investment in social issues.

Session 2 is all about Buckman Bridge UU:  our governance, history, finances,  religious education offerings, and relations with each other.

Please respond to membership@bbuuc.org if you would like to take part.  The invitation for the meeting will be sent to you.  No obligation!

I look forward to getting know you better.

Cindi Jorgensen