June 21: Passerine in Concert

BBUUC is pleased to bring Passerine back for their second concert in our great venue for music and community. They will be playing the following Saturday at the Riverside Art Market and on Saturday night at European Street Café. They have performed at other UU churches, as well as colleges, festival stages and music venues throughout Florida and the Southeast. Plan to come out and show your support for this fabulous band! Bring your friends – all are welcomed!


In Concert

Friday, June 21 • 7 – 10 p.m.

Admission: $6

(Additional donations are always welcomed!)

Passerine is a five-piece Americana and folk project from Sarasota, FL. Passerine’s distinctive sound combines three and four-part vocal harmonies, the crisp rhythms of an acoustic guitar, the haunting voices of the fiddle and dobro and the resonant lows of an acoustic bass. With this unusual arrangement of voices and instruments, Passerine offers a fresh take on traditional folk and bluegrass music as well as a repertoire of original songs that range from sweet ballads to the edgier side of contemporary Americana.

Carmela Pedicini and Tanya Radtke are both established singer/songwriters who have each been leading successful bands in recent years, both developing a substantial following. As Passerine, they have added David Brain’s dobro for accents that can go from sweet and melodic to a bluesy moan, from the old time mountain sound to more contemporary urban folk and rock. Sara Moone plays the fiddle in a style that reflects both her formal musical training and her roots in the traditions of western Kentucky. David Baker provides a solid foundation with his tasteful and creative approach to the bass. Altogether, the members of Passerine have joined their talents in search of an acoustic sound that is simple and compelling, that has both purity and depth, and that adds new musical layers to the tradition of the singer/songwriter. You can sample their music and find out more about Passerine at www.passerinemusic.net.

What’s in a Name? The term “passerine” is the common name for the order of birds that includes songbirds known for the sweetness of their songs. The order also holds the raven, a bird known in myth as the companion of deities, as a courier who inspires laughter and reveals truth, and as a trickster whose appetite for life brings wisdom, healing and great acts of creativity.