Jul 23: 7:00pm BBUUYA

‘BBUUYA’, The Buckman Bridge Unitarian Universalist Young Adults (pronounced “Buh-Booyah”!), is a group of like-minded adults (ages: 18-35) from various walks of life, college students to married couples, who come together and share our joys and concerns among our peers. Those of a common age range tend to have at least a common perspective on world views due to what we’ve seen in our own lives, what we’ve grown up with, like the social and political climates that permeate their way through every facet of our lives.

Our YA group is an open forum where young adults of a common generation can connect on shared values and spiritual ideologies in person. If nothing else it’s nice to have a support group to vent to, and relate to. Having a young adults group helps bridge the gap between the youth and the congregation at large. It’s a buoy of support for those going through turbulent times of change and quests for meaning; YA groups are also a magnet for growth in a lacking demographic, and help to energize our passionate message of hope.

Together we can make a difference, and be a guiding light for the generations that follow. Although our Young Adults group is a new one, our congregation was recently honored with Anchor Congregation status for our district, from the UUA, thanks to the passionate young adults who made this group possible! Many of us need the support of fellow YA’s in our personal, often turbulent, times of change.

We need each other for the good times and the bad, the fun times and the sad!
It’s all about a shared experience.