Jul 17: 7:00pm Religious Texts and Society

On July 17 at 7pm, the Religious Texts and Society Affinity Group will be continuing our discussion of Karen Armstrong’s book “The Great Transformation.” Scott Cromar will be leading a discussion of the Axial Age in ancient Israel. The discussion will cover the history of the documents known as the Old Testament and the Torah, their impact on Jewish society, and the downstream impacts on Christianity and Islam.

We anticipate a lively discussion. If you can join us, these are the pages to read: 36-48, 61-69, 86-101, 157-183, 245-248, and 379-390. (These translate to Kindle e-book locations 789-1036, 1229-1373, 1725-2026, 3091-3587, 4809-4877 and 7497-7730.)

We also have a study guide pdf that is available to anyone who is interested; please contact Scott Cromar at pr_communications@bbuuc.org for a copy. All are welcome.