Jul 16: 7:00pm Leader’s Survival Guide

Leadership always looks so easy from the outside. The stuff that needs to be done is just common sense. At least, that’s how it appears right up to the time that you step into a leadership position.

On July 16 and 23, BBUUC will host a 2-part training course designed to help leaders develop some key soft  leadership skills. These skills look simple when someone else is doing them, but actually take a lot of work to master.
Good leaders have a number of tools at their disposal. To be effective, you need to recruit team members, identify gaps, organize your time, and run meetings.

The basis for this class comes from the teacher’s text book for new IT managers: “From Techie to Boss, Transitioning to Leadership.” The author, Scott Cromar, recently held a version of this class at the LOPSA conference in New Brunswick, NJ. (The content for the sessions at BBUUC has been adapted to emphasize general leadership skills and deemphasize the IT-specific sections of the course.)

There are a limited number of slots available. Please either sign up on the clipboard at the back of the sanctuary or RSVP to pr_communications@bbuuc.org.