Journey Circles Re-opening

Journey Circles are Re-opening!

Are you looking for more connection? Do you miss being in community with others?

When we first shut our church building down due to Covid-19, most of us thought it would just be for the summer. We thought we could wait it out and we would be back in each other’s company in just a few months’ time. But the Pandemic has other plans for us right now. Many of us who were resistant to technology, now realize that we want and need to be in community with others. Therefore, we are reopening our Journey Circle small groups.

Journey Circles are a way to connect on a deeper level, in community with each other. They help us meet our needs for belonging (intimacy) and meaning (ultimacy). Our Circles encourage members in their spiritual growth and helps us develop relationships of substance and depth. It is a place to share our life experiences.  Group members listen to each other, but do not attempt to solve each other’s problems

Journey Circles meet once a month on Zoom. If you are interested in joining in a group, please email DLRE Chris Jarman for information on meeting times and date.