January 27: UU Christian Fellowship Organizational Meeting


January 27 – 12 noon

Did you know there was a UU Christian Fellowship? Want to know more? Then join us at an interest meeting after the service on Sunday, January 27th, at 12 noon with Reverend Ray.

A little basic information regarding the UUCF (from their website):

We are non-creedal followers of Jesus rooted in the history and tradition of Unitarian Universalism. All who wish to freely follow Jesus are welcome to be members of the UUCF. A UUCF group should be grounded on the heartfelt desire to grow in one’s faith as a Christian, or to explore liberal Christianity without dogma. The UUCF especially ministers to those who feel they are too UU to be Christian and too Christian to be UU. We are a movement and organization of members who are interested in exploring liberal Christianity as we walk freely in the spirit of Jesus, growing our souls and the soul of the world.

Do you have to call yourself a Christian, or a UU, to be a part of the UUCF? No. Many among us express themselves as “Jesus followers” or as just “Unitarian Universalists” or as “liberal religionists” or some other term, and many shy away from adopting any identifying label. We simply have a central response to Jesus as a “song in our heart” that stirs us to service in the world and to growing our minds and souls. Do you believe in the same doctrines and practices as other Christians? There has always been a great diversity in beliefs within the Christian tradition. The UUCF does not require common theological beliefs or spiritual practices. We welcome all who seek to be partners and participants in our tradition’s “Great Conversation” about God, Jesus, the Bible, and spiritual disciplines.