Jan 22: 2pm Afternoon Tea

Our January afternoon tea will be held this coming Wednesday, January 22nd, from 2 until 4 PM, at the home of Linda and Dale Crawford in Orange Park. This is a time to relax and get to know each other over tea and delicious treats. Everyone is invited, whether you are a member or a new friend of this church.

 Please note that tea will be held at the earlier time of two o’clock. We’re hoping that this will be more convenient for attendees. Please contact Linda by e-mail or phone for details and directions.

Dress: casual or, if you like, fancy tea dress – we sometimes have a happy mixture of both.

Goodies: If you would like to bring something, great! If, not, great also! Some of us love to bake, some of us don’t have the time or desire. But we all do like getting together. Also, if you’d like to bring something not homemade, we will welcome it. Some people are either gluten intolerant or vegetarian. Therefore, we will try to have at least one item on each menu that will fit the bill. This will, of course, depend on who volunteers to bring goodies.