ICARE December 2022

There’s a New Sheriff in Town

The day before he was elected Jacksonville’s next sheriff T.K. Waters met with over 200 ICARE network members citywide at our Community Problems Assembly. There, he listened to testimonies about violent crime, people arrested over minor offenses, and how police respond to persons suffering a mental health crisis. Here’s what happened:

  • Civil citations. Waters doesn’t support ICARE’s adult civil citations initiative. He did say adults who commit minor offenses don’t belong in jail. That shifts the narrative away from unnecessary arrests.
  • Gang violence. He committed to work with the National Network of Safe Communities to build trust between police and our communities.
  • ICARE’s Nehemiah Assembly. “If I’m elected sheriff, I will be there. We may not always agree, but I will speak with you.”

Fifteen members from BBUUC came to the Community Problems Assembly. And dozens attended ICARE house meetings the month prior. There, BBUUC members discussed issues identified as high priority for 2023. House meetings are designed to share personal stories related to these issues, reflecting on how they’ve affected our families, friends, and community.

The two questions discussed this at house meetings this year were: 1) Have you or anyone you know ever gotten into trouble with law enforcement, or been in a situation where you could have? and 2) How have you, your family or your community been impacted by flooding? The responses from the BBUUC and 37 other Jacksonville ICARE churches will guide ICARE’s issues work for 2023.

Want to support justice in Jacksonville? Mark your calendar now for ICARE’s Nehemiah Assembly on April 17.

For questions or more information please send email to icare@bbuuc.org