ICARE Rally 2021

March 22
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
How to Participate in the 2021 Rally


Go HERE to join us on Zoom
(Use a computer, smart phone or tablet to join.)
Please enter a few minutes early to register.
After registering, you will be prompted to enter the meeting. You will also receive an email with instructions on how to enter and re-enter the meeting.

Call In
(Please give your team member your phone number & let them know you are calling in)
Dial one of the following numbers:
(301) 715-8592
(312) 626-6799
(669) 900-9128
(253) 215-8782
(346) 248-7799
Then enter this meeting code: 873 8383 3214 AND Passcode 2021

Please let a team member know you plan to attend so they can include you in the registration.

Attend a Screening
Register at the door. Limited capacity. Mask and social distancing required

Christ the King Catholic Church
742 Arlington Rd N.
Jacksonville, FL 32211Arlington Congregational UCC
431 University Blvd N.
Jacksonville, FL 32211