ICARE March 2021

ICARE Report, March, 2021

ICARE Research Committees, all three of which include BBUUC representatives, are actively researching the following issues: 

  • Implementation of Adult Civil Citations for a list of common offenses as permitted in a Florida law ICARE helped pass two years ago. For instance, Duval County had over 7,000 arrests for driving with a suspended license last year. The most common reason for a license being suspended by the State of Florida is the non-payment of a fine or fee. The law now allows JSO and the States Attorney’s office to implement a diversion program that would greatly benefit individuals and also cost Duval County much less than arrests, incarceration, and the loss of tax money when an incarcerated person loses their job.
  • Expanding and finding permanent funding for organized efforts to stop revenge violence in Jacksonville. The Group Violence Intervention program and Cure Violence both have a footprint here. We are currently researching how this is working in Jacksonville, best practices nationally, and questions of transparency and accountability.
  • Working with Sheriff Williams toward the fulfillment of his commitment last fall to implement a 40-hour accredited Crisis Intervention Team training for experienced officers. The goal is to equip a significant number of officers with nonviolent de-escalation techniques for situations involving PTSD, mental health, and drug-related behavioral issues. 

BBUUC Justice Ministry Network Members are urged to attend the ICARE Rally on Zoom, March 22, 7:00 – 8:30 PM. The agenda will include issue updates and preparation for Nehemiah Assembly on April 19. For more information contact ICARE@bbuuc.org

<<< ICARE is an antiracist organization in the tradition of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. >>>