Happy New Year!

In this New Year, CHOOSE Joy.                                    Every day, and especially during frantic or frenetic periods of life, we have a choice multiple times a day – we can let ourselves be overwrought with overwhelm and allow it to come out as frustration, impatience, bitterness, or anger OR we can choose joy. This choice can make an immense difference in each and every day, to ourselves and to those around us.



Bringing it Home

Remembering our Blessings


Basket/box labeled with the year (2019)

Pencils and scraps of paper

How To:

  1. In January, place a large box or basket in a prominent location in your home labeled with the year.
  2. Throughout the year, put significant items in the basket, such as ticket stubs, programs, church bulletins from important holidays and events, etc.
  3. Use scraps of paper to write down or draw pictures of important memories and things that happened.
  4. On New Year’s Eve, take turns pulling items out of the basket/box and reflect upon our many blessings and challenges. How did our Unitarian Universalists beliefs support or serve us on that day?
  5. Conclude by holding hands and thanking the universe and/or Spirit for the many ways we have been blessed, in good times and in difficult ones. We are thankful for the many blessings of this year.

It might be tempting to put only happy memories in our box but consider also adding memories of more challenging times as well.  It is valuable to remember sad times, too.

You can also make this part of your weekly routine and gather the family once a week to write down memories to add to your box.


Spiritual Practice

A Table Grace:

In this home all are one

As are the earth, the stars and sun

With head and heart and hands, be blessed

That each of us may do our best


A Chalice Lighting:

In time of darkness, we stumble toward the tiny flame.

In times of cold, we seek the warming fire.

In times of repression, we reach for the lamp of truth.

In times of loss, we pray for the comforting light.

In times of joy, we light a candle of celebration.

Spirit of Life, as we kindle this light, help us find what we need this day.

~ Brian Kelly