Feb 17: Guest at Your Table

Guest at Your Table
Dovetailing with the end of Standing on the Side of Love, on Valentine’s Day (Feb 17 for us) we will begin a month long  program called Guest at Your Table. This is a UU Service Committee (UUSC) program that offers help to those in need world  wide (including USA, of course). Each family will be given a small paper box to put on your dinner table. Every night,  we are encouraged to drop some coins into the box, to cover the cost of having an extra “guest at your table.” On March 17, the boxes will be collected and the money sent to the UUSC with your address. With a donation of $40 or more,  (seniors, $20, youth $10) you will receive a subscription to the fabulous magazine, UU World, which connects us at BBUUC  to the world of love and service around us. For more information, google “uua guest at your table”.