Ebay Charitable Sales to Benefit BBUUC

A message from Don DeStephano

I would like to remind everyone that the Church is registered as a charity with Ebay.  This means a seller on Ebay can designate all or a portion of the proceeds to be donated to BBUUC.  If you have not used Ebay recently, it is now very easy to sell or auction items. While it can take a little time to list items, once the item sells, Ebay sends a link to print a shipping label.  Then you just pack and take the item to the Post Office.  The proceeds, less fees and postage, are transferred to your bank account (or to the Church if you so designate, and you can probably list it with your charitable donations if you itemize). The buyer generally pays for the postage when the item sells.

Selling individual low cost items is not very effective (think beanie babies, CD’s, DVD’s, individual vinyl albums, Pokeman chips, video games,  etc), but if you have more  valuable items such as collectables (maybe a registered baseball card collection?) , jewelry (Rolex, David Yurman—ha!), expensive cameras, or an entire collection with significant value,  it is a good way to make money with the possibility of benefitting the Church. Even less valuable items (designer clothing and accessories, relatively new Iphones/electronics, cameras, Xbox,  etc.)  can  pay off if you are willing to spend a little time researching and listing.  For example, it is easy to list 10 items that could sell for $30 each in about an hour on your computer or phone.  That will gross $300!  The internet and Ebay itself are great resources for determining value. You might only get a dollar or two for an Elvis album, but a combined lot of 38 albums recently sold on Ebay for $270!  Just search Ebay for the item to see the listings, and be sure to include “Completed Items” in the search so you can see the item”s final selling price.  When you list an item, there is link to donate a portion or the entire proceeds to charity.  Just search for Buckman Bridge when you open the link.

Maybe you may have the equivalent of a goldmine in your garage or closet, or it may come your way through inheritance!  It could be much more effective than disposing to Goodwill.  While the Church does not currently have staff or volunteers that can sell donated items on Ebay, there are members that can help you get started (including me) if you want to give it a try.  

Here is the link to open an account on Ebay, and another link to recent items I sold with part of the proceeds going to the church:



Don DeStephano