COSM November 2020

What About “Shared Ministry”?

One year ago, we began the series of Journey articles titled “What About a Minister?” Each month we shared the steps on our journey to explore and fulfill our vision of professional ministry for BBUUC (see summary).

In September we welcomed Rev. Amy Moses-Lagos as our half time Contract Minister.

In October, the UUA Southern Region staff presented an overview of “Shared Ministry” for BBUUC leadership.  We learned that Shared Ministry depends on Mutual Trust, Missional Alignment, and Clarity of Role.  We were introduced to a framework of relationships and accountability for the Board, Minister, and a Committee on Ministry (COM) that considers for each: 

To whom is the Board/Minister/COM accountable?

Whom does the Board/Minister/COM serve?

Who is accountable to the Board/Minister/COM?

Who are the Board/Minister/COM’s partners?

We reviewed examples of expectations for the Minister, Board, and COM in UU congregations.

One of the agreed upon commitments in our contract with Rev. Amy is to support her annual renewal with the UUA Ministerial Fellowship Committee (MFC) that includes formal evaluations from the Board and a Committee on Shared Ministry (COSM).  The COSM must meet monthly for at least 10 consecutive months and submit their evaluation for the November 1, 2021 deadline.   The Board, with Rev. Amy’s approval, has appointed the following Members to this initial Committee on Shared Ministry:

Joann Carollo 

Helen Meatte

Henry Seng

Donna Zimmerman

We look forward to partnering in Shared Ministry with Rev. Amy as we grow in Covenant with one another, look to Mission to drive our goals and actions, and evolve our Vision as our Mission is fulfilled.

Pam Richards, for the Board


November 2019 – Long Range Planning Committee’s May report to Board led to need to educate Board.

December 2019 – Rev. Carmen Emerson (our Affiliated Community Minister) advised Board and key leaders about types of UU ministers and introduced the UU concept of “Partners in Shared Ministry.”

February 2020 – Board met with Christine Purcell, UUA Transitions Program Manager, to discuss best type of minister for BBUUC and formally enter our search for a half time Contract Minister.

March 2020 – Began drafting lengthy Congregational Record for our Ministerial Search application.

April 2020 – Leadership diverted attention to meet BBUUC’s immediate needs due to Covid-19.

May 2020 – Returned to completing Congregational Record (CR) for our Search application.

June 2020 – Published CR in UUA Search system and agreed to consider remote virtual ministry.

July 2020 – Search Committee reviewed minister applicants.

August 2020 – Board approved and congregation voted to hire Rev. Amy Moses-Lagos.