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Caring Committee, Caring Congregation!!

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A little story.

Two months after I joined the UU in Vero Beach, I had a pretty bad accident, nearly killing my husband and my aunt.  I was unscathed physically but of course, quite a mess emotionally.

I could only identity 6 or 7 of my fellow congregants, but within a week of this accident, I got 42 cards and more e-mails from members!  This exuberant expression of concern was overwhelming!  Folks reached out to me — even though I could not pick them out in a line-up!! I was and will be forever grateful for this support.

Good thoughts for sending cards and emails can disappear quickly from our busy brains once services are over, and if you are like me, remembering to buy a card is impossible. 

So, the welcome desk now has a supply of blank cards for you to use. Just pick one up if you would like to support a person who has a concern, or congratulate a person with a joy!  Addresses will be available.

Kudos to Helen Meatte, who has tirelessly sent cards from the Caring Committee. 

Please consider stopping at the welcome desk and taking the time to write or email a personal note.  

Cindi Jorgensen

Chair Membership & Caring