BBUUC’s Membership Committee: Welcoming Visitors & Helping Initiate New Members

BBUUC’s Membership Committee
Welcoming Visitors & Helping Initiate New Members

How does BBUUC incorporate new people into our congregation? After a bit of retooling, research, and trial and error, the Membership Committee now has a process that works smoothly, makes visitors welcome, and helps shepherd new members into our church.

How do we do this?

When visitors walk through our doors, they are welcomed by our friendly greeters and a member of our team helps them feel at home.  They are given a nametag, get a bit of an intro to our faith, are invited to provide contact information, and ideally are introduced to a person who can give them a quick tour and more background information.

If people are interested in membership we offer our Learn About Us classes every month, which alternate between Session 1 on our faith, and Session 2 specifically about BBUUC. These sessions, organized by Membership, are designed to be an introduction to Unitarian Universalism and the history and current structure of BBUUC.

For those new to Unitarian Universalism we ask that both classes be taken. They are independent of each other and do not have to be taken in order. For transferring UUs, it is preferred if they join us for Session 2, but if for some reason this is not convenient, a special session is arranged.

Face to face interaction with visitors, and making them welcome, takes many hands. This is a rewarding experience for those who volunteer for the Membership Committee and is responsible for helping ensure visitors come back to BBUUC.

How Can You Help?

  1. Sign up to greet on Sunday morning. It is an easy task. All it takes is getting here by 10:00am, and smiling while you hand out programs. You can sign up at the welcome table.
  2. Volunteer to man the welcome table before service. We could use some help rotating folks behind the table.
  3. If you see people you don’t recognize, please introduce yourself and make them feel welcome.  Find a person from the membership team (green nametag) and connect them.
  4. If visitors have children, please make sure you introduce them to someone who can give them a quick tour of the classrooms and nursery.
  5. After service, please chat with our visitors.  We have all had the experience of feeling awkward when attending a gathering where we do not know anyone. Let’s not let that happen at BBUUC!

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the work of the Membership Committee, please see Cindi Jorgensen, Mary McDermott, Sandy Martin, Marie Lybrook, Deborah McGovern, or Lynn Wadley.  You can also send an email to