AV Tech Team Seeking Volunteers

As we target the return to live worship in our sanctuary, we will be moving toward a multiplatform format that will require some changes and adaptations of our audio-visual needs.

We hope to form an “AV Tech Team” to develop and provide support for the technical needs of worship and other programs. These needs will include sound, lighting, projection, recording, video conferencing, and streaming of our Sunday services. This team is an essential part of our ministry. We hope to assemble a group of volunteers who can learn about our current equipment setup and provide ideas/direction for improvements. We hope to create a team who will collaborate and work together to share in the weekly tasks required to support worship and other programs in our sanctuary that have AV needs.

Our current goal is to resume in-person Worship Services on September 12th, so we would like to assemble volunteers who have some technical knowledge and abilities in these areas to meet with worship to discuss our anticipated needs. They will learn about our current AV booth and chancel equipment and develop our new procedures and capabilities. We would like to have an initial gathering in mid to late June for discussion, followed by training and planning during July and August for the Worship kick-off in September.

If you are interested in volunteering your skills and working with our Worship Team on this critical support ministry, please contact worship@bbuuc.org. We will reach out to you and all of those interested and set up a meeting as soon as possible.

In love and faith,

Linda Mowers, Worship Chair

On behalf of the Worship Team