Aug 15: Religious Texts and Society

Religious Texts and Society is for those of you who have an interest in the religious texts of the World’s major religions, and how these texts have shaped societies and the modern world.  We will pursue these topics on a bi-monthly basis, with each meeting being led by one or more group members on a topic announced in advance, so that members can prepare by reading on the topic.  Initial emphasis will be on the Bible, but other texts, including but not limited to the Koran, will be addressed according to the interests of group members.  The initial topic for the first meeting on Thursday, August 15th, at 7 p m at BBUUC will be “What Western Civilization owes the Jews”.  Suggested reading is The Gifts of the Jews, by Thomas Cahill. Participants may also suggest other readings for people to review prior to the first meeting.  All interested parties within BBUUC are invited and welcome.  Please address any questions to Dale Crawford or Scott Cromar.