Apr 11: Cakes for the Queen of Heaven

Q. What is “Cakes for the Queen of Heaven”…a cooking class?
A. “Cakes for the Queen of Heaven” is a woman honoring adult RE curriculum by Rev. Shirley Ranck. It examines pre-Judeo Christian cultures that may have worshiped the female as divine. The concepts of equality and reverence for the female in a religious setting are eye-opening to many participants. More than Goddess 101, this workshop series examines important elements of today’s women’s lives; personal, interpersonal and societal. It examines how our culture has been influenced by Judeo Christian values. The primary question raised is: How would your life have been different if, when growing up, the divine had been imaged as female? Participants are encouraged to share their own experiences and beliefs, creating trust and strong bonds of friendship.
Karen Christiansen, Chris Jarman, and Liz Teal will be facilitating this five weeks Cakes “In Ancient Times” curriculum in feminist theology for adults and older youth beginning on Thursday, April 11 at 7pm.