Animal Chaplain Column April 2023

BBUUC’s Animal Chaplain, Elizabeth DeCoux, is available for members seeking spiritual help related to animals, such as blessings, celebrations of life, prayers, attendance at euthanasia, and other services. 

April 2023 Animal Ministry Article:  by Elizabeth DeCoux

  1.  Invite your friend to visit you in a dream.  Write the invitation, or speak it aloud, or just think it.  Once you have done this, take a photo or your friend’s favorite toy to bed with you.  As you drift off to sleep, think about your deceased animal and, in a thought, renew the invitation.  Don’t be too disappointed if you don’t get a visit the first time you ask, but don’t be surprised if you do!  Consider keeping your journal nearby so you can write down the dream when you wake up.  Dreams not committed to writing have a way of slipping from our minds.  If your friend does visit, the dream will not necessarily be dramatic or full of emotion.  Your animal may just pass by to check on you!  
  2. Visit a place that was important to you and your animal friend.  Take a walk you two used to share, or visit the place where you buried your friend or scattered ashes.  Or just relax in the favorite chair where you would sit together.  While in this important place, picture your friend and talk to him or her, aloud or in your mind.  
  3. Light a candle and say a prayer for your friend, or meditate.  If you’d like, choose a particular incense that will always represent your animal. Your prayer or meditation can be as simple as, “Bless Fido,” or “May Fluffy come home to the light,” or “May Rex be surrounded by lovingkindness.”  Repeat three times or seven time if you’d like.  

Both are sacred numbers. 

  1. Choose a special friend or relative and tell that person some of your favorite stories about your deceased animal.  You probably have memories that demonstrate your animal’s sweetness, as well as some funny stories.  Share these. 

Enjoy drawing close to your friend; and sweet dreams!