A writer’s retreat workshop

Coming In January, a writer’s retreat workshop

From the High Hill: Odyssey Writing for Elders.

Marilyn Jones, Chris Jarman Facilitators

There is a central quality which is the root criterion of life and spirit in a [person], a town, a building or a wilderness… The search we make for this quality, in our own lives, is the central search of any person, and the crux of any individual person’s story. It is the search for those moments and situations when we are most alive. — Christopher Alexander

When Black Elk, a Lakota tribal leader, looked back as an elder on the “happiness and sorrow” of his dramatic life, he referred to his view as from “this high hill of my old age.” This program is an opportunity to reflect on our life’s journey from atop such a high hill, survey the distances of our lives from every direction, and craft an Odyssey that we might share what we have experienced. 

This program invites you, as an Elder, to engage in mining the stories of a lifetime to create a presentation to share with peers, loved ones, and co-congregants. Two Zoom weekend retreats—one for preparation (January), one for presentations (February)—frame an individual period of remembering, sorting, reflecting, and writing. We will be guided in gathering and reflecting on stories that delight, that challenge, that invite new wisdom and understanding, and then to act on new goals that emerge from this process. 

This is a small group activity and registration will be limited.  If you have interest, please pre-register here: https://bbuuc.breezechms.com/form/c81eb0