“One of the tragic ironies of history is that such original and creative geniuses as Buddha and Jesus have been extolled as perfect patterns for all to emulate. In the very struggle to be like someone else rather than to be one’s own true self, or to do one’s own best in one’s own environment, a child is in danger of losing the pearl that is really beyond price – the integrity of his (or her) own soul.”

~Sophia Lyons Fahs, UU Theologian & Revolutionary Religious Educator

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Upcoming Events:

Ongoing-Sign-up for a week with the Traveling Chalice

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March 17- K-2 OWL Mandatory Parent/Child Orientation (Make-up) Parents must attend Orientation in order to enroll child.

March 15th- Drumming Circle, we have drums to loan, all ages welcome

All of March- Sign-up for Mystery Pals Program! Please help your children to sign up for our PenPal program
See Newsletter & Website https://bbuuc.org/learning/mystery-pals/

April 6- Family Potluck and Kick-off of our Mystery Pals Month!

April 21st– Child Dedication Ceremony during service.  Sign-up sheet on RE Table or contact Chris @ dre@bbuuc.org.


This week’s lessons:

Youth: (6th-12th Grade): Ted Talk Discussion Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: The danger of a single story.
Facilitator: Michael Bernos



Spirit Seekers: (3rd -5th Grades) 6 Sources – 1 – Personal Experience

Facilitator: Chris Jarman

Today’s session is about the First source of UU inspiration: Direct experience of that transcending mystery and wonder, affirmed in all cultures, which moves us to a renewal of the spirit and an openness to the forces which create and uphold life; Simple summary: Personal experiences — Wow!


  •     Bring an example of a “Prophetic” person to class next week- a role model from their life or
    history who stood up to injustice and evil for the cause of good, love, and right.
  •      The 7 Principles “promise keeper” challenge will stand all year long.


Spirit Play (3.5 yrs – Kg) Meet Jesus: The Life and Lessons of a Beloved Teacher

Storyteller: Annabelle Gallois-Bernos

Door Keeper: Jennifer Glassman

Judeo-Christian Source Story: Meet Jesus is a story that introduces young children to Jesus as an accessible and very human teacher and his lessons of love, kindness, forgiveness and peace.  It tells the story of Jesus’ life and death and concentrates on the image of the Good Shepherd story that Jesus told.

Wondering Questions:

  • I wonder which part of this story you liked the best?
  • I wonder which part of this story is the most important?
  • I wonder if you have ever heard any stories about Jesus before?
  • I wonder what you think about Jesus and his teachings?
  • I wonder what good deeds you have done for others?
  • I wonder if you have ever forgiven someone for something they did to you?
  • I wonder what it felt like to forgive them?
  • I wonder if anyone has ever forgiven you for something?
  • I wonder what that felt like?
  • I wonder why some people need to be reminded to be kind?
  • I wonder if it is hard to be nice to someone who is mean to you?
  • I wonder which Unitarian Universalist Promise this story reminds you of?


Spirit Explorers (1st– 2nd) Wanda’s Roses

Storyteller: Marilyn Smart

Blue Promise: Believe in our Ideas and Act on Them

Wondering Questions:

  • I wonder which part of this story is the most important?
  • I wonder which part you like the best?
  • I wonder where you are in this story?
  • I wonder where this bush could really be?
  • I wonder if you have ever cared for a growing thing?
  • I wonder what a plant really needs to grow?
  • I wonder which things that Wanda did helped the plant to grow?
  • I wonder how Wanda felt when no one believed that the plant was a rosebush?
  • I wonder why no one thought that the rosebush would bloom?
  • I wonder if anything else grew in the lot that summer?
  • I wonder whether the bush will ever bloom with real flowers?
  • I wonder what this bush could really be?
  • I wonder if you have ever had someone doubt one of your ideas?
  • I wonder if you’ve ever heard that little voice inside that tells you something’s right or wrong?
  • I wonder if this lesson reminds you of any of our other Unitarian Universalist Promises?
  • I wonder where the Spirit of Love and Mystery might be in this story?

General Promises Questions:
  I wonder if you have ever made a promise?

  • I wonder which promise you like the best?
  • I wonder how it feels when we keep a promise?
  • I wonder what happens when we keep a promise?
  • I wonder if it is easy or hard to keep a promise?
  • I wonder what happens when a promise is broken?
  • I wonder what here is most important?
  • I wonder how it feels to be on this rainbow path?

See you on Sunday!